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Other Notable Platforms > Linux - Pg. 250

250 Chapter7·OperatingSystemandDeviceVulnerabilities The LibertyCrack Trojan The LibertyCrack Trojan is a simple piece of malware that pretends to be a crack for the Liberty Gameboy Emulator. Like many Trojans, the LibertyCrack Trojan must be installed by the user. This means it also does not replace itself and therefore cannot spread. When the Trojan is run by the user, it deletes all applications (all PRC databases) and reboots the device. LibertyCrack was discovered in the summer of 2000. The Phage Virus Phage is the first virus created for Palm OS­based devices. It is a real virus since it is self-replicating and infects other applications installed on a device. Compared to viruses created for early personal computers, Phage is still very simple since it actually does not infect but destroys infected application binaries. The application icon is not modified in the process, thus the user only discovers the infection while trying to run an infected applica- tion. Phage was discovered in late 2000. The Vapor Trojan The Vapor Trojan is very similar to the Liberty Trojan. It cannot replicate and has to be installed by the user of a device. The malicious functionally of Vapor is also very similar to the Liberty Trojan but instead of deleting all applications on a device it just hides them. This is done by changing the application database attributes so the application launcher does not display them. The Vapor Trojan was also discovered in late 2000. Linux Linux is a very popular platform for mobile devices. From dedicated devices that were released, like the Sharp Zaurus, to the Familiar operating system that can be installed on an iPaq, and to current Linux-based phones from Nokia, Linux is picking up support in the mobile market. Along with this comes the ability to have complete control over the phone or PDA, and the relatively secure platform that can easily be converted into a hacking machine. While there might be hundreds of phones with Linux installed, it is hard to categorize them under one umbrella. This is because each implementation of the Linux OS on each device is different. As a result, a bug that might be found on one device will probably not exist on another. Ironically, bugs on Linux-based phones are very rare due to the fact that Linux is inherently more secure--assuming it is set up correctly on the device. In addi- tion, many Linux phones use Java programs meant to interact with the user, thus limiting the impact of an attack. Android Google's Android is the latest and hottest cell phone operating system to be released. There is no doubt that this OS will make great waves in the mobile device world, but at this time it