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Payload > Telephone Component - Pg. 117

TaxonomyofMobileMalware·Chapter5 117 Playback: Devious The three payloads previously described all relate to taking audio, video, and pictures from a device and placing them into the hands of a shadow master who then uses this for malicious purposes. A more frightening idea is to turn this around and have the shadow master send audio, video, and pictures to the user's device. Imagine hearing a voice suddenly talking to you on your device, or a media player that starts showing live shots from your home or office when you're not there. The emotional trauma caused by this could be devastating. This type of payload found in an MM can be some of the worst MM we may ever see, simply because it plays with a person's deepest emotions: fear and despair. Fortunately, this has not yet occurred, but moving forward it could become an uncomfortable reality. Telephone Component Clearly, the telephone functionality of a mobile device could also be used for mischief. This is an interesting area to exploit as part of a payload. One would think that a nuisance payload would be to start dialing phone numbers that are very costly. Or use the phone as a relay to talk to others while not being charged for it. These are just some of the payloads that can occur here, but that have not yet been seen. Today's development tools allow