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Security for Stored Data > Security for Stored Data - Pg. 310

310 Chapter9·ForensicAnalysisofMobileMalware Performing BlackBerry Forensics BlackBerry-based smartphones share a number of similarities with PDA devices. They are ideal targets for malcode attacks since they are always on and participating in some form of wireless push technology. As a result, the BlackBerry does not require some form of desktop synchro- nization, such as a PDA, to be compromised. This unique component of the BlackBerry adds a different dimension to the process of forensic examination, and in essence this portability can be the examiner's greatest ally. BlackBerry Operating System The current version of the BlackBerry OS has numerous capabilities and features, includ- ing over-the-air activation, the ability to synchronize contacts and appointments with Microsoft Outlook, a password keeper program to store sensitive information, and the ability to customize your BlackBerry display data. BlackBerry Operation and Security The BlackBerry device has an integrated wireless modem. The BlackBerry uses the BlackBerry Serial Protocol, which is used to back up, restore, and synchronize the data that is communicated between the BlackBerry handheld unit and the desktop software. This protocol comprises simple packets and single-byte return codes. The device uses a strong encryption scheme that safeguards the confidentiality and authenticity of data. It keeps data encrypted while in transit between the enterprise server and the device itself. Wireless Security The BlackBerry has a couple of transport encryption options: the Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Those who want to imple- ment the most secure method will elect to encrypt with the AES algorithm. The BlackBerry has another feature that is referred to as the Password Keeper, which offers the capability of securely storing password entries on the devices, which could consist of bank- ing passwords, PINs, and so on. This important information is protected by AES encryption. Security for Stored Data Several capabilities are available on the BlackBerry when it comes to securing the data stored there. The first option we will discuss is the capability to make password authentica- tion mandatory through the customizable Information Technology (IT) policies on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. An additional method of protection from unauthorized parties is the fact that there is no staging of data between the server and the BlackBerry where data is decrypted.