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Products > Mobile Security Packages - Pg. 375

MobileMalwareMitigationMeasures·Chapter11 375 Anti-Virus In addition to firewalls, a number of mobile antivirus products are available. These would be more accurately called anti-malware products since they often look for more than just viruses in the technical sense. Such products scan files on the device and look for those that contain malicious code of some type. These scanners have the capability to scan the existing files (the storage card, the built-in storage, and others) as well as attachments and downloads. The most common malware introduction vector on mobile phones to-date has been MMS. Users receive a MMS message with an attachment. When they click the attachment to open it, it will run an installer and install the malware. This can result in data loss to the system and usually help in the malware's attempts to propagate itself further. More recently, e-mail and browser support on phones provides another avenue for new files to arrive on the system. Antivirus systems will hook the operating system such that as new files are created or opened, the antivirus scanner is called first to scan the content. Anti-Spam Some products offer anti-spam tailored to mobile devices. Most of this is focused on SMS/ MMS spam as opposed to e-mail. In some regions, MMS or SMS spam is a considerable