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Vishing Packs > Vishing Packs - Pg. 187

Phishing,SMishing,andVishing·Chapter6 187 Once a digital recording is completed, it is utilized with an IVM management package on the VoIP server to interact with callers. Vishers may use recordings to interact with a potential victim based upon outbound calls. They may also direct users to a number to call into, using IVM software to manage inbound calls made by victims. Notes from the Underground... TTSToolsOnline Criminals performing vishing attacks need recordings for their outbound and/or inbound call services. Free online text-to-speech (TTS) tools exist to record in a digital voice text entered in a browser. AT&T Labs is one such Web site (available at, making it easy for criminals to copy, paste, and edit template text for vishing in order to customize it for a specific financial organization. The output is a professional sounding digital voice to use in the vishing