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Wireless Communication > Bluetooth - Pg. 99

TaxonomyofMobileMalware·Chapter5 99 was placed on the stack. The second was the region parameter of a text tag that carried between double quotes text of arbitrary length. This could be excessively written to overflow the stack and cause the return address to be rewritten. The exploits opened the device to Denial-of-Service attacks and remote code injection and execution. A user only had to view the MMS message for the exploit to occur. Once the device was infected, a windowed message appeared with the following statement: "MMS g0t YOu OWnD!!." Bluetooth A wireless protocol facilitating data transfer between mobile and fixed devices across short ranges, Bluetooth is one of the most highly used forms of wireless communications around the globe. Devices using Bluetooth range from digital cameras to GPS systems to mobile devices to laptops and gaming devices. This technology has a long record of documented security concerns and has been extensively exploited by MM authors to both infect devices and distribute their payload among potential victims. The most appealing aspect of Bluetooth to MM authors is the ability to use it silently on the device without calling attention to itself. The downside is that Bluetooth only works in short distances of about ten meters. Therefore, it is best employed in heavily populated commercial urban areas with a high Bluetooth device presence. This is needed to maximize discovery of potential victims.