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Chapter 10: Disaster Recovery > Allowing Greater Variation in Hardware Restorat... - Pg. 261

DisasterRecovery·Chapter10 261 Allowing Greater Variation in Hardware Restoration Because virtual machines tend to be hardware agnostic (that is, the virtual machine tends not to care too much about the physical server hardware) disaster recovery of a virtualized environment typically allows for a much greater variation in the hardware that is required to recover the environment. This level of hardware independence helps to reduce many of the complexities involved in attempting to perform bare-metal restoration operations. Because the hardware that the virtual machine is presented with by the virtualization platform tends to be the same regardless of the physical machine involved, the virtual machine can typically be restored and run on any hardware available. For example, as long as the hardware is capable of running VMware ESX a virtual machine that ran on one physical server can typically be run on any other physical server that is capable of running VMware ESX with little to no configuration required to make the virtual machine work. Most DR sites use one of two types of methodologies for defining the hardware used at the DR site. For environments with a budget, the DR site will typically consist