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Chapter 6: Malware Analysis > Summary - Pg. 189

MalwareAnalysis·Chapter6 189 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where can I get Malware to practice with? A: One of the best sites on the Internet for this topic is http://www.offensive Q: I've been infected. Can I use these methods to disinfect my machine? A: I wouldn't recommend it. Though performing research can be highly educational, the risks of performing a "partial" removal are significant. Removing only part of the malware can cause the malware to trigger even worse behavior. Unless you are positive you know every step that the malware performs, and that no one has "visited" your machine while you were infected, the safest course of action is always to rebuild the machine. You should also be very careful when transferring files from an infected machine that you do not carry the malware to the new machine as well.