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Distinguishing One Type of Virtualizatio... > Hardware Virtualization - Pg. 58

58 Chapter2·ChoosingtheRightSolutionfortheTask I/O Virtualization As physical x86-based host systems continue to increase processing power, there is a growing need to abstract the flow of data in and out of these systems. At the time of writing there are x86-based servers that can host 1000 virtual machines. Even if the host systems have multiple physical network adapters to provide the I/O needs of those virtual machines, the logistical problems surrounding cabling, port density, rack space, cooling, and other data center issues begin to heat up. Virtualized I/O solutions abstract physical network interfaces such as Ethernet, FibreChannel, or Infiniband to a host server system. Most virtualized I/O solutions involve some type of software driver that runs within the host operating system itself. This software driver has the ability to present a single physical network interface as multiple physical network interfaces to the operating system running on the host. For example, you could have a HP server with a single 20Gbps Infiniband host channel adapter running VMware ESX with the virtualized I/O driver. The virtualized I/O driver could present the hypervisor with one 10Gbps Ethernet adapter and four host