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How to Set Up Linux to Run Both Natively... > Creating a Partition for Linux on an... - Pg. 291

BestofBothWorlds:DualBooting·Chapter12 291 both hard drives in at the same time. Migrating to a new laptop may require the purchase of a new drive bay, but this minor inconvenience is certainly worth the benefits of having both operating systems and the ability to use them concurrently. Creating a Partition for Linux on an Existing Drive If your machine is unable to support two hard drives (or you don't want to give up your DVD drive) it is possible to install Linux on a new partition. Partition Magic can be used to resize existing partitions to make room for the new installation. The first step in this operation is to use the disk manager to defragment the drive. As a hard drive is used and files are allocated then deleted, a disk develops spaces between files. Modern file systems do a much better job of tracking and using these spaces, but spaces can develop none the less. By defragmenting the disk, the files on the disk are moved in such a way that these spaces are minimized. This ensures that the maximum amount of space is available for your alternate operating system. After the disk is defragmented, the majority of its free space should be available