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Network Configuration > Creating an Interface - Pg. 94

94 Chapter4·ConfiguringtheVirtualMachine but in most cases selecting a SCSI disk type is the recommended choice since it typically provides for better performance than a similarly created IDE disk type. Using Snapshots Another consideration to factor in the hard drive configuration of your virtual machines is the ability to snapshot the hard disk. Disk snapshots are one of the most compelling reasons for virtualization. With disk snapshots you are able to save the disk contents and state at a moment in time (called a snapshot) which in turn allows you to revert the disk (and thus the entire virtual machine) to whatever state the disk was in at the time the snapshot was created. For example, you may make a snapshot prior to applying any patches so that if the patches do not work or cause problems with the virtual machine you can simply roll back to the snapshot, as if the patches had never been applied. This is a great method for testing malicious software and code. You can configure a snapshot, then introduce the malicious software or code the virtual machine for testing, and once the testing is finished, revert to the saved snapshot, thus removing the malicious software and code completely. In fact, it is as if you had never run the software at all.