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Physical Hardware Access > USB Devices - Pg. 103

ConfiguringtheVirtualMachine·Chapter4 103 When the virtual machine is started, the partition you just allocated will be available in the same way a virtual hard disk would be available. If this new disk is set up as the primary disk, the operating system installed on the disk can be booted (assuming hardware compatibility with the virtual machine). This arrangement should allow the disk to come up, and you should be able to use and interact with the machine as if it were any other machine. Note that this arrangement should not be used to forensically examine the hard drive. The process of mounting the hard drive (whether on virtual or native hardware) will modify the disk, and crucial information may be lost as a result. USB Devices USB disks can also be used for storage in a virtualized environment. In fact, most USB devices can be connected to a virtual machine and function very well. To connect a USB device to the virtual machine in VMware workstation, choose the following menu options: VM->Removable Devices->USB Devices (see Figure 4.7). From there a list of USB devices known to the system will be displayed.