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Solutions Fast Track > Herding of Sheep - Pg. 141

Honeypotting·Chapter5 141 Summary The objective of honeypots and honeynets is to provide an environment that is attractive to an attacker, thus enabling you to learn how the attacker operates and how the attacks themselves function. In essence it is a surveillance tool that, if implemented properly, provides you with information that you can use to better secure your production resources. There are many different ways of implementing honeypots, but for any honeypot to be effective it must be appealing to an attacker. It is important to setup realistic environments so that the attacker doesn't realize they are attacking a honeypot but rather they think they are attacking real resources. A critical element of success for honeypots is the ability to detect and monitor the attack so that you can learn how the attacks work and thus how to protect against them. Virtualization's flexibility presents a good environment for implementing honey- pots since you can set up complex and robust environments with a fraction of the hardware required for a corresponding physical implementation.