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CHAPTER 10 General Cryptographic Concept... > Summary of exam objectives - Pg. 149

General Cryptographic Concepts CHAPTER 10 149 engage in a few simple cryptographic operations. As with most cryptographic systems, the TPM has a single root key, called the Storage Root Key (SRK), which is strongly protected inside of the TPM, and is used to protect all the other keys the TPM device handles. In addition to the SRK, the operating sys- tem can request a number of other key pairs to be generated and encrypted (or "wrapped") with the SRK, such that the private key is only available inside the TPM for decryption or signing operations. In addition to wrapping a key, the TPM can "seal" the key, such that it can only be used in the event that a number of system measurements (selected at the time of sealing) are the same that they were when the key was sealed. These system measurements include the BIOS code and settings stored in the com- puter's firmware, as well as the boot sector of the disk. SUMMARY OF EXAM OBJECTIVES Cryptography is a very complex and involved topic that plays an exceedingly important role in modern computer and network security. Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography helps provide the basis of confidentiality in network