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CHAPTER 11 Public Key Infrastructure > Summary of exam objectives - Pg. 163

Public Key Infrastructure CHAPTER 11 163 Key escrow Certificate expiration Certificate revocation Certificate suspension Key recovery Certificate renewal SUMMARY OF EXAM OBJECTIVES PKI has become an indispensable part of network operations and security oper- ations in modern networks. PKI is predominantly based on public key cryp- tography and provides for multiple services that include authentication, data encryption, and identity validation. A PKI can be either hierarchical in nature, where a root CA is used to generate an anchor of trust and intermediate or sub- ordinate CAs provide the certificate distribution to the end systems and users, or a stand-alone implementation, where a single CA provides both root and sub- ordinate services to end devices and users. A stand-alone PKI implementation involves a single CA providing both root and subordinate services to end devices and users. Certificates are confirmed against a CA to ensure that the certificate