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CHAPTER 12 Redundancy Planning > Top five toughest questions - Pg. 174

174 Eleventh Hour Security : Exam SY0-201 Study Guide function. In cases where the business's facility or networking capabilities are damaged or destroyed, alternate sites can be used. These sites can take various amounts of preparation to get up and running. Hot sites take little work to get online and have a copy of data on servers; warm sites require restoring backed- up data to servers and may require some equipment, while cold sites must be made from scratch. Redundant systems can also be used to reduce the impact of potential threats, by having duplicate components or systems available in case one fails. This can include having servers clustered on a network, having spare components available to install or bring online when a failure occurs, or implementing RAID. These ensure that the servers have high availability, can fail over, or allow data to be restored if a disaster occurs. Because power is so important to a business, methods of providing power during an outage must also be available on a network. UPS can be used to provide power for short periods of time, allowing a computer to be shut down gracefully. For longer periods of power outages, backup generators can be used to provide power for hours or days at a time. Together, redundancy in systems protects a busi- ness from a wide variety of threats. They allow systems to continue functioning throughout a disaster, and allow companies to continue doing business. TOP FIVE TOUGHEST QUESTIONS 1. You are deciding on appropriate locations for a cold site that will be used in case of a disaster. You decide to set up the cold site in a nearby facility, which is used by the company to store equipment and office supplies. The building has an old Halon system for fire suppression in key areas, has air conditioning in all areas, and is dry. Should a disaster occur, members of the organization will simply move down the street and set up operations at this location? Based on the features and location of the site, is it suitable to set up a cold site? A. The facility is a perfect location for a cold site. B. The fire suppression system, air conditioning, and other environmen- tal conditions make it unsuitable for a cold site. C. The physical proximity to the company makes it unsuitable for a cold site. D. The fact that it is not part of the production network makes it unsuit- able for a cold site. 2. A service runs on a network server that users access with an application on their workstations. The application is used to process requests and access data in a database. If the server or service fails, you want users still be able to access this data. What method of fault tolerance will you use so that network users can still continue to work? A. Install two network cards on the server, so that if one card fails, users can still access the data through the second card. B. Use server clustering to provide fault tolerance.