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Controls and Procedures CHAPTER 13 191 ANSWERS 1. The correct answer is D. Inergen is a combination of three different gases: nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. When released, it lowers the oxygen content in a room to the point that the fire cannot be sustained. Answers A and B are incorrect because water-based systems can cause significant damage to equipment. C is incorrect because Halon isn't manufactured anymore or used in new systems because of the damage it causes to the ozone. 2. The correct answer is B. The Incident Response Team would deal with incidents such as hacking, and would be the appropriate people to notify. The Incident Response Team could assist or take over the inves- tigation, and provide insight dealing with issues related to the intrusion attempt. Answers A, C, and D are incorrect because they would have no possible reason to be notified before conducting the investigation, if they ever are notified. Information that needs to be kept on a "need to know" basis means that only the people who need information are given it. At the beginning of an investigation, the Incident Response Team or a