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CHAPTER 13 Controls and Procedures > Top five toughest questions - Pg. 189

Controls and Procedures CHAPTER 13 189 unaware they are doing anything wrong. Often they do not realize they have been victimized, even after the hacker uses the information for illicit purposes. There are many ways of disseminating educational material, inclusive of post- ing information on a corporate intranet site, e-mailed newsletters with tips on securing information, and having the information taught in formal training classes. Teaching users how social engineering works and stressing the impor- tance of keeping information confidential will make them less likely to fall vic- tim to social engineering. SUMMARY OF EXAM OBJECTIVES While many risks can negatively impact an organization's security, there are also many methods of prevention. HVAC systems are used to control tempera- ture, humidity, and airflow, thereby preventing sensitive equipment from being damaged. Fire detection and prevention systems can also be implemented to warn and extinguish fires without harming the equipment. Planning is the key to taking a proactive approach to possible threats. Disaster recovery plans provide procedures for recovering after a disaster occurs, and provides insight into methods for preparing for the recovery should the need