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CHAPTER 9 Risk Assessment and Risk Mitig... > Top five toughest questions - Pg. 132

132 Eleventh Hour Security : Exam SY0-201 Study Guide Performance Logs Performance Logs provide insight as to how a system is performing. The perfor- mance of a system can be affected by operating system components, applica- tions, as well as by other executables running on the system. Performance logs capture point-in-time statistics providing specific variables at specific points in time. This enables a system administrator to correlate system performance with specific events as they occur. Access Logs Access Logs require anyone entering a secure area to sign in before entering. When visitors require entry, such as when consultants or vendor support staff needs to perform work in a secure room, an employee of the firm must sign the person in. In doing so, the employee vouches for the credibility of the visitor, and takes responsibility for this person's actions. The access log also serves as a record of who entered certain areas of a building. Entries in the log can show the name of a visitor, the time this person entered and left a location, who signed them in, and the stated purpose of the visit.