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CHAPTER 9 Risk Assessment and Risk Mitig... > Use monitoring tools on systems and ... - Pg. 129

Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation CHAPTER 9 129 security accounts manager (SAM) database. All possible password combina- tions have their hashes calculated and then stored in either a database or a simple text file, making lookups easy and eliminating the need for brute force calculations of passwords. Network mapping tools Network mapping tools are used by administrators to discover and ensure what devices are on their network. These tools enable an administrator to map out the network, discovering any new devices as well as any potential security holes due to unauthorized applications and services. System and network scanning, when viewed from the context of a security sys- tem specialist or security administrator, is the use of appropriate technologies to detect and repair potential areas of vulnerability within a network or a sys- tem. This effort involves: Checking the strength of and compliance with password policies Measuring the ability to access networks from an outside or foreign network Providing analysis of known security vulnerabilities in network operating