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Encryption algorithms > RSA - Pg. 141

General Cryptographic Concepts CHAPTER 10 141 store, ideally on a smart card or other hardware device subject to anti-tamper- ing protection. The life cycle of such a key follows from creation through use, renewal, and finally to either revocation or expiration. It is the simplest of key life cycles. ENCRYPTION ALGORITHMS A number of encryption algorithms are available for use, and more are created over time--this list is by no means complete, but represents some of the more important algorithms at the time of writing--and covers the requirement for the CompTIA Security Objectives. DES Standing for Data Encryption Standard , this is another of those generic names that indicates it comes out of NIST. The DES algorithm uses a 56-bit key, and as expected from something with such a small key size, it is a symmetric key encryption algorithm--asymmetric keys are usually more than a thousand bits in length. It is also a "block" encryption algorithm, meaning that it encrypts