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Implementing disaster recovery and incid... > Disaster recovery - Pg. 180

180 Eleventh Hour Security : Exam SY0-201 Study Guide DID YOU KNOW? An alternative to copper cabling and wireless technologies is using fiber-optic cabling , in which data is transmitted by light. Fiber-optic cable has a core made of light- conducting glass or plastic surrounded by a reflective material called cladding. A plastic sheath surrounds all of this for added protection. Because the signal is transmitted via light, data that travels along fiber-optic cable is not affected by interference from electromagnetism or radio frequencies. This makes it an excellent choice for use in areas where there are sources of EMI or RFI. IMPLEMENTING DISASTER RECOVERY AND INCIDENT RESPONSE PROCEDURES After the events of September 11, 2001, the widespread effects of a disaster became evident. Equipment, data, and personnel were destroyed, staggering amounts of money were lost by individual businesses, and the economic ripples were felt internationally. While some companies experienced varying levels of downtime, some never recovered and were put out of business. To deal with the