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Systems security threats > Trojan - Pg. 4

4 Eleventh Hour Security : Exam SY0-201 Study Guide A zero-day attack is an attack where a vulnerability in a software program or operating system is exploited before a patch has been made available by the software vendor. You can prepare for an infection by a virus or worm by creating backups of legitimate original software and data files on a regular basis. These backups will help to restore your system, should that ever be necessary. Trojan A Trojan horse is a program in which malicious code is contained inside what appears to be harmless data or programming, and is most often disguised as some- thing fun, such as a game or other application. The malicious program is hidden, and when called to perform its functionality, can actually ruin your hard disk. Spyware and adware Spyware and adware are two other types of programs that can be a nuisance or malicious software. Both of these may be used to gather information about your computer, or other information that you may not want to share with other parties.