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User education and awareness training > User awareness - Pg. 202

202 Eleventh Hour Security : Exam SY0-201 Study Guide avenues of contacting people are always available. These may include: Internal or Internet e-mail Internal phone extensions, home phone numbers, and cell phone numbers Pagers Corporate intranets and public Web sites Internal mail (memoranda) and snail mail (public postal services) Public folders and directories containing documents that can be viewed by users across the network Instant messaging, text messaging, SMS, and live chat Once all of the methods available to communicate with users are identified, the administrator can decide which ones will be used and how. Providing con- tact information for IT staff ensures that incidents will not remain unattended and possibly grow worse before the next scheduled workday. In addition to having people provide notification, administrators can configure systems to automatically contact them. Users should have multiple methods of contacting IT staff so that they can acquire help and notify them of problems they are experiencing. This allows users to inform administrators of a seem- ingly minor problem that could grow into a major one. There are many pos- sible methods for users to contact IT staff. Help desks are commonplace in companies, providing a single phone extension that users can call when they are experiencing problems. Signatures on e-mails can be used to provide alter- native methods of contacting individual users. User awareness Users cannot be expected to follow rules if they are not aware of them. Organizations sometimes make the mistake of imposing policies and proce- dures while failing to provide effective methods of sharing that information. This has the same effect as if the policies and procedures were never created. User awareness involves taking steps to make users conscious of and responsive to security issues, rules, and practices. To make users aware, administrators can use a number of the communications methods previously mentioned. Education Educating users is the primary method of promoting user awareness and improving the skills and abilities of employees. When users are taught how and why certain activities need to be performed, they are generally more willing and better able to perform those tasks. In addition to enhancing work perfor- mance, education also provides the added benefit of lowering support costs, as users who are able to fix simple problems will not be as likely to call the help desk for assistance. Online resources With the resources available on a local network, it would be remiss not to include them in the scheme of providing education and access to documentation.