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Chapter 10. Network Troubleshooting > Importance of Network Documentation - Pg. 165

Troubleshooting the Data Link Layer 165 6. Test the result Determine if your solution fixed the problem, and also examine the overall connectivity on your network to make sure that you didn't inadvertently create another issue by implementing the fix. 7. Document the solution and process Document the information that you gathered in each of these steps: how the problem manifested itself, the systems that were affected, the details about the solution and how you implemented it, and any side effects that came about as a result of implementing the fix. TROUBLESHOOTING THE PHYSICAL LAYER When troubleshooting the physical layer, you'll be most concerned with NICs, network cables, and hubs. Troubleshooting the NIC Verify that the NIC does match the media access type Verify that the NIC does have the correct connector for the cable your network uses Verify that the NIC driver is properly installed and updated