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Chapter 4. Wireless Networking > Answers - Pg. 71

Site Surveys 71 are unable to find the network. When you move closer, the network then shows up. What could be the cause? A. Structural interference between the access point and your machine B. Environmental interference such as electromagnetic interference C. Radio frequency interference from other devices D. All of the above 3. You are a corporate user trying to connect to the company's wireless net- work. When you attempt to connect to the network, you are denied being able to connect, what could be the cause? A. Wrong 802.11 standard B. Incorrect encryption type C. Bad username D. Interference 4. You are a user in a company who would like to connect to the company's wireless network. The company uses access points for connection to the corporate LAN. To what mode should your wireless connection be set to attach to WAPs? A. Ad Hoc