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Chapter 9. Network Management > Top Five Toughest Questions - Pg. 150

150 CHAPTER 9 Network Management Reducing unplanned downtime increases a business's potential produc- tivity. Caching engines Cache is data that is copied from the original data and is saved for computers to access locally instead of having to retrieve the same data again from the source server. Accessing cached data is quicker since it is stored in a temporary location for a specific amount of time. Cache engines are servers that are dedicated to caching data for clients. If an item in cache is not used often enough, it is discarded until the client requests it again. Common implementations of cache engines will target Web server content. Fault tolerance Fault tolerance allows continued operations in the event of a system or system component failure. Summary In this chapter, we discussed why networked information systems need to be managed. If our goal in network management is to manage our networks so that