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Physical Networking Models > The Mesh Topology - Pg. 10

10 CHAPTER 1 Network Fundamentals determines which port it needs to send the data through for it to reach the proper destination. Characteristics of a star topology are as follows: All cables run to a central connection point. If one cable breaks or fails, only the computer that is connected to that cable is unable to use the network. A star topology is scalable. As the network grows or changes, computers are simply added or removed from the central connection point, which is usually a hub or a switch. Because there is so much cabling used to connect individual computers to a central point, this may increase the cost of expanding and maintaining the network. The Mesh Topology A mesh topology has multiple connections, making it the most fault tolerant topology available. Every component of the network is connected directly to every other component. Characteristics of a mesh topology are as follows: A mesh topology provides redundant links across the network.