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Legacy Applications > Legacy Applications - Pg. 190

190 CHAPTER 10 Creating a dynamic data center with Microsoft System Center a company, the more its users grow to rely on the application or its output. This is fine for applications that continue to grow with your business and technology in general; the developer and vendor continue to provide ser- vice and support. But there are often applications that become abandoned by their developers and vendors for various reasons. The vendor may become purchased by another company, or it may simply choose to stop supporting the application. Most companies will continue to provide extended support of an outdated application for a limited time. They do this to allow the customers to either upgrade their applications to a current and supported version or to convert their processes over to another application that can provide the desired functionality. But what happens when you have an application that has fallen out of support, is strongly relied upon by the company, and has no known replacement or upgrade path? This is one of the things that really make virtualization strategies shine-- the ability to preserve and support a legacy application without having to