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Chapter 10: Creating a Dynamic Data Cent... > Data Center Workload - Pg. 185

Data center workload 185 DATA CENTER WORKLOAD defines workload as ". . .the amount of processing that the computer has been given to do at a given time. Workload consists of some amount of application programming running in the computer and usually some number of users connected to and interacting with the computer's applications." [1]. When you think about workload consolidation, imagine services that your data center is providing to your business. During the initial discussions of workload consolidation, it is common to slip into thinking about power consumption and rack space. While those are certainly key items to con- sider in your overall virtualization strategy, thinking about them at this point skews the focus you will need for workload planning. So, stop think- ing hardware footprint and instead focus on the services your data center delivers to your business. It is these services you want to consolidate in this step.