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Chapter 12: Deploying App-V Packages > Creating an App-V Package - Pg. 287

Creating an App-V package 287 10. Click Install to begin the installation of the App-V Desktop Client. 11. When the installation is complete, click Finish. You can now log off of the workstation. CREATING AN APP-V PACKAGE In this section, we explain Microsoft's best practices for sequencing applications, walk you through the steps of creating an App-V package, and explain the various options for publishing that application. Before sequencing, familiarize yourself with installation and use of the target application. Failure to fully understand the configuration and func- tionality of the application prior to sequencing may lead to an inefficiently sequenced package; one that may not work all. Specifically, n n What are all of the application components needed to complete the installation of the application? What updates such as adding new files to the package will need to be