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Hardware Consolidation > Approach #2: Clustering with virtualization - Pg. 195

Hardware consolidation 195 Approach #1: Clustering In this approach, we are going to take the blade chassis and cluster the server environments across multiple hardware platforms. Figure 10.6 pro- vides a visual look at our example. We are going to build four server operating systems across 12 blade servers; each operating system will be clustered across three server blades, reserving two of the blades to be left offline and labeled as "spares." This approach allows the operating system to continue running, even if one of its three servers should fail. In this case, one of the two remaining spare blades can be used to replace the failed blade while it is either repaired or replaced. This concept is nothing new; Microsoft clustering improved greatly with Windows Server 2003, and a number of third-party vendors have also been providing clustering solutions for years. It provides the needed workspace while reducing the risk of hardware failure by spreading the risk of a single operating system across multiple hardware platforms.