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High Availability and Recovery Changes > Support for additional Cluster aware s... - Pg. 473

High availability and recovery changes 473 Cluster Shared Volumes Fail-over clustering supports the use of cluster shared volumes (CSVs). These are volumes that can be accessed by multiple nodes of the cluster at the same time. This brings new benefits to Hyper-V deployments by providing Live Migration and reduced number of LUNs required. Earlier in this chapter we discussed how Live Migration allows you to move VMs between two hosts in a fail-over cluster with no downtime. CSVs are what make this process possible. Since previous versions of Windows could only have one host actively accessing the LUN, a fail-over would cause all VMs stored on a LUN to fail-over. Prior to Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft recommended that each VM in a fail-over cluster be assigned its own LUN to ensure that a single VM could fail-over. For many deployments, this resulted in a lot of LUNs being assigned to each Hyper-V host. Windows Server 2008 R2 removes this restriction using CSVs, allowing both hosts to access the volume at the same time and enabling a single VM on a LUN