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11. A Practical Illustration of NIDS > TCP SYN (Half-Open) Scanning - Pg. 254

254 Chapter 10 software package. The node on which the IDS software is enabled runs in promiscuous mode. In promiscuous mode, the NIDS node captures all the data packets on the network as defined by the configuration script. NIDSs have become a critical component of network security management as the number of nodes on the Internet has grown exponentially over last few years. Some of the common malicious attacks on networks are: · · · · IP address spoofing MAC address spoofing ARP cache poisoning DNS name corruption 11. A Practical Illustration of NIDS This section illustrates the use of Snort as an example of a NIDS. The signature files are kept in the directory signatures under the directory .doc. Signature files are used to match defined signature against a pattern of bytes in the data packets, to identify a potential attack. Files marked as rules in the rules directory are used to trigger an alarm and write to the file alert .ids. Snort is installed on a node with IP address The security auditing software Nmap is installed on a node with IP address Nmap software is capable of