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1. Obstacles to Security > The Bad Guys Are Very Sophisticated - Pg. 5

Building a Secure Organization 5 The Bad Guys Are Very Sophisticated At one time the computer hacker was portrayed as a lone teenager with poor social skills who would break into systems, often for nothing more than bragging rights. As ecommerce has evolved, however, so has the profile of the hacker. Now that there are vast collections of credit-card numbers and intellectual property that can be harvested, organized hacker groups have been formed to operate as businesses. A document released in 2008 spells it out clearly: "Cybercrime companies that work much like real-world companies are starting to appear and are steadily growing, thanks to the profits they turn. Forget individual hackers or groups of hackers with common goals. Hierarchical cybercrime organizations where each cybercriminal has his or her own role and reward system are what you and your company should be worried about." [8] Now that organizations are being attacked by highly motivated and skilled groups of hackers, creating a secure infrastructure is mandatory. Management Sees Security as a Drain on the Bottom Line For most organizations, the cost of creating a strong security posture is seen as a necessary evil,