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3. RFID Protections > Basic RFID System - Pg. 347

Radio Frequency Identification Security 347 Basic RFID System Prices have been one of the biggest factors to be considered when we're making decisions on RFID deployments. Basic tags are available for the cheapest price, compared with symmetric-key tags and public-key tags. Due to the limited computation resources built into a basic tag, basic tags are not capable of performing cryptography computations. This imposes a huge challenge to implement protections on basic tags; cryptography has been one of the most important and effective methods to implement protection mechanisms. Recently several approaches have been proposed to tackle this issue. Most of the approaches to security protection for basic tags focus on protecting consumer privacy. A usual method is by tag killing, proposed by EPCglobal. In this approach, when the reader wants to kill a tag, it sends a kill message to the tag to permanently deactivate it. Together with the kill message, a 32-bit tag-specific PIN code is also sent to the object tag, to avoid killing other tags. On receiving this kill message, a tag will deactivate itself, after which the tag will become inoperative. Generally, tags are killed when the tagged items are checked out in shops or supermarkets. This is very similar to removing the tags from the tagged items when they are purchased. It is an efficient method of protecting the privacy of consumers, since a killed tag can no longer send out information.