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Solutions 33 attacker is in a prime situation to wreak some havoc. Add in-flight Wi-Fi to provide access to vulnerabilities unforeseen ahead of time, and there's no limit to what can happen. THe CruX OF THe prOBLem In the days of wired networks, many attacks required that the attacker find some way to insinuate himself between the victim and the system he was communicating with in order to monitor. At the very least, attackers had to find a way to get themselves onto the local LAN at one end or the other. Early on with hub-based networks, the attacker could see everything on the wire; later, switched networks required intermediate steps like arp spoofing the gateway for traffic to be rerouted through the attacker. This is generally known as a MitM attack since the attacker is impersonating both participants in the conversation and can monitor or manipulate the conversation as he or she sees fit. With physical constraints, you can limit an attacker's access to the cable network since he or she physically would have to plug in or have remote control over a device in the local LAN.