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Defense > Defense - Pg. 85

Defense 85 scanner can ensure that no one has quietly installed one in your home or business. Professionally this is known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), which is basically your classic spy bug sweep. Professional TSCM sweeps are very thorough and complete and depending on the type of organization, very necessary. Performing one on your own is cheaper though less effective, but good for that sound piece of mind at the very least, or vastly undervalued if you do discover something at the most. nOTe The reverse situation is true as well when attackers use audio or video equipment that is unencrypted that can work against their efforts and make them easier to detect and catch. In August 2009, a news report from Oshawa Ontario, Canada, detailed how a 50-year- old man who was spying on his stepdaughter with wireless "spy cams" was caught when a contractor next door who was using similar equipment (for a backup camera on a large truck) accidently intercepted the video signal and determined the source and called the authorities. F Had more professional, encrypted, or digital equipment been used, it is unlikely he would have been caught accidentally.