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Chapter 7. Cell Phones, Personal Digital... > iPhone Summary - Pg. 116

116 chapter 7 Cell Phones, Personal Digital Assistants This method of attack was fairly ingenious, as a common defense used by some is to have a heavy outer layer of security (guards with guns), assuming that this will pre- vent an attacker getting close enough to take advantage of poor security further in. The following year, at Defcon 17 J in 2009, a presentation by Thomas Wilhelm expanded on the capabilities of Errata Security by exploring the possibilities of hack- ing with the iPod Touch (similar to the iPhone in capabilities, but without the telephone functions). A surprisingly large amount of tools have been ported and are simple to install on a jailbroken devices. Some others require manual building installation, but all the tools to do so are easily available. He noted that an iPod/iPhone is more socially acceptable to bring into a "secure" area than a laptop or other obvious computer. anonymity The potential with these devices is not just limited to them being a target of attack or a tool of attack, but as intermediaries to do the dirty work through or for the attacker, unknown to the user. It's not hard to imagine a day when a remote vulnerability on an iPhone will allow an attacker to gain root access to a device over local Wi-Fi connections. Once there, all the tools necessary to download and install further malware already exist. An attacker could set a scheduled job that can run who-knows-what at a later time. It is not also unreasonable that an attacker could use the Wi-Fi connection as a gateway to access the Internet through the cellular data connection. Previously, an attacker trying to hide his/her tracks would need to route their connection through compromised computers around the world or an open Wi-Fi access point. The prob- lem with these is that connections can be logged and some sort of trail left. In the case of a mobile phone, there is no facility to login that kind of detail what connections are routed through it leaving the attacker to just have to visit a coffee shop in order to do their evil deeds. ipHOne summary As a growing part of the market, iPhones are going to be under greater scrutiny by attackers for vulnerabilities, particularly as more and more people put more and more personal parts of their lives onto these devices. For now, attacks have been limited to jailbroken devices left with default pass- words. However, we should learn lessons from these experiences because, at some future point, a vulnerability may be found in a default application, or even a third- party application sanctioned by Apple, that may provide an attacker with a path to the rest of the system. J By%20Thomas%20Wilhelm%20-%20Hacking%20with%20the%20iPod%20Touch%20-%20Video%20 and%20Slides.m4v