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Chapter 7. Physical Threats > Preventative Measures to Physical Threats - Pg. 123

Preventative Measures to Physical Threats 123 was received via e-mail, notify the Internet service provider who is hosting that mail service to this person's activities with accompanying evidence of any and all mes- sages that were perceived threatening from the attacker. Be sure to limit the amount of emotional rhetoric as possible, as these abuse teams are usually inundated with various amounts of abuse activity. The more clearly and objectively it is presented to these parties, the more likely you are going to get a positive and reactive response to your plight. As has been presented in such classic TV shows such as Dragnet, keep to the facts and minimize the amount of emotion so that it doesn't create unnecessary distractions to those who are trying to provide support to your situation. The more semblance of control you have in the situation, the better you will be received. Be sure to what objectives you have in this situation well in advance. Know the terms of the service in which you were engaged. We realize that it's both annoying and difficult to read through a lot of the legal jargon, but it helps significantly in clarify- ing where the attacker violated any forms of acceptable usage, and it arms you with knowledge. If your intent is simply out of spite or revenge for the disrespect given and to squeeze out an apology, understand that the likelihood of this happening is highly unlikely. However, if your intent upon being attacked is to obtain defense of personal safety to yourself or your family, then this is an entirely different matter