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How to Mitigate a Phishing Attack > Examine the Message - Pg. 57

How to Mitigate a Phishing Attack 57 general, there has to be a fundamental lack of trust when receiving a message of any kind unless you have a way in which you can validate the authenticity. Hesitation is your ally in these events and until which time you are comfortable and satisfied with what you are dealing with. Hesitation is the most appropriate tool in your defense, so take no action. Remember, your ability to question and judge is a benefit when dealing with any message that originates from an anonymous source. Examine the Message After realizing that the message you receive is questionable, the best thing to do is to perform some detective work. This is the fun part, folks. Here is where you can exam- ine the contents and see for yourself if the message that you received is authentic. Take a closer look at Figure 3.1. We notice that Gary's message begins with a simple greeting, with a sentence that contains a considerable amount of bad grammar. The number of misspellings is typically a telltale sign of an illegitimate message, as it oftentimes looks like it was run through a bad foreign language dictionary. What's particularly misleading in this message is that the link below the message first directs you to Facebook. This can give you a false sense of security, as these links can appear to point in one direction but content-wise lead you to an entirely differ-