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War Dialing Tools > War Dialing Tools - Pg. 30

30 chapter 2 War Dialing fIGuRE 2.1 Detecting the Modem for Configuration so the software can use the modem for war dialing. In our test environment, we simply changed the COM port, IRQ, and base address to match what was detected when MOD-DET.exe was run. In addition to the options discussed, several other options can be modified, depending on what type of environment the war dialing attack is being conducted from. One commonly configured option is the "dial prefix." This option is sometimes modified when the modem first needs to dial an initial series of numbers before being provided access to an outside line. For instance, if the number 8 needs to be dialed to access an outside line, an attacker would modify the dial prefix to dial the number 8 before dialing other numbers. Figure 2.2 illustrates the configuration screen that TS-CNF.exe provides. Figure 2.3 illustrates the THC-SCAN interface as it begins a test war dial. The information provided within the command shell is verbose and provides good visual feedback on the progress of the scan. Some of the information provided includes the number of calls made and how many are left, as well as the reply types from the numbers that were tested. Information from the war dial is also logged to a series of files for review after the scan is completed. THC-SCAN is a good tool for war dialing and has proven its worth over many years. PhoneSweep PhoneSweep by Sandstorm Enterprises H is a commercial war dialer that provides many of the same benefits as some of the previously mentioned tools. The appli- cation is easy to use and supports multiple modems for outbound calls, which H