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Attack > Attack - Pg. 20

20 chapter 1 Denial of Service An alternative if you use an ISP is to purchase additional capacity for the duration of the DDoS attack. This adaptive provisioning can be provided via burstable circuits, which can carry additional capacity if necessary. You typically pay a rate based on your average use of the connection. Since attackers often "tune" the attack while it is in progress, you will still need to carefully monitor the attack to determine how best to respond. For example, an attack may change from trying to overload a server to exploiting a network protocol. THE fuTuRE of DEnIAL of SERvICE Malware is now big business, and operating botnets has become a source of signifi- cant income. Developing a large botnet is a financial investment. Likewise, consider- able economic activity is moving onto the Internet, with some companies completely dependent on the Internet for their business, including Google and All this creates a marketplace to supply more advanced attack and defense capabilities. Attack