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Acknowledgments (Justin Morehouse) - Pg. xv

Acknowledgments (Justin Morehouse) I would like to thank my wife, Lisa, the love of my life, for the support, patience, and understanding she showed me throughout the writing process. Without her, much of what I have accomplished and the person I have become today simply would not be. I am grateful to my parents, John and Susan, for always supporting me in whatever endeavors I pursue and teaching me that I am capable of almost anything if I put my mind to it. Thank you to Rinaldi Rampen, Jeff LoSapio, and Mike Volk for recognizing in me the ability to become someone more than just another consultant and show- ing me that I could turn my passion into a career. Thank you to Steve Dunkle for reminding me that there is more in this world than just my career. Thank you to the Becks, Ryan, Melissa, and the Joels for your enduring support and understanding. Thank you to Rachel Roumeliotis, Matthew Cater, and Christophe Veltsos for the support and vision you provided me with while authoring this book. Thank you to Matt Flick, Jeff Yestrumskas, Rich Robertson, and Shawn Moyer for pick- ing up my random calls or responding to my countless e-mails. Finally, thank you to my coauthor, Tony Flick, for battling through these last couple of months to see this book to press.