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Chapter 10. Mobile Applications and Devi... > Secure Mobile Applications - Pg. 191

Secure Mobile Applications 191 Although not every mobile device will have logging capabilities, those that do should be enabled. For more information on forensics for mobile devices, please see NIST SP 800-101: Guidelines on Cell Phone Forensics. Education Users are almost always the weakest link in security, which is why educating mobile device users is so important. Mobile devices are stolen frequently when an owner leaves them in the car to buy a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom. Thus, regular training on at least an annual basis should be done to reinforce the importance of security awareness, which includes the following: · · · · Never leave the mobile device out of reach or sight in an untrusted environment Manually lock the screen, logout, or shut down the mobile device Do not visit untrusted Web sites on the mobile device or open messages from unknown e-mail addresses or phone numbers Backup the device regularly