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40 CHAPTER 3 Threats and Impacts: Utility Companies and Beyond restoration, to distribution network monitoring, restoration, and self healing. However, if the integrity of the sensor data is compromised, the result will be disastrous. Scenario · Threat ­ Brett, a self-taught hacker, is curious about how the "whole smart grid thing works." Being in high school, Brett lives with his parents, whose house was recently fitted with a smart meter. Brett spends hours upon hours playing with the smart meter and eventually is able to create a program that would send false sensor data for his entire neighborhood. Attack vector ­ The sensor data is sent from the smart meters to the utility company in an unencrypted format. Brett uses this insecure configuration to capture, manipulate, and successfully transmit false sensor data to the utility company. He is also able to capture network traffic for his neighbor's smart meters and obtains their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Using his custom written program, Brett sends false sensor information to the utility company, indicating that Brett's entire neighborhood is without power. Impact ­ The utility company, unsure of how a single neighborhood can lose · ·