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Summary 83 plentiful and omnipresent, utility companies can use the same methods to make security best practice reminders ubiquitous. POLITICS AND THE SMART GRID The initiatives at all levels, including state and local, may provide guidance for implementing smart grids properly, or more appropriately how that particular organization perceives the proper way to implement smart grids. Political and economical interest groups will most likely have some influence on government smart grid initiatives, which could have significant security implications. As an example, consider a venture capitalist group that has invested in smart grid technology companies. The venture capitalist group lobbies state senators to rush the implementation of a smart grid in their state. As a result, the deadlines for implementing a smart grid become too aggressive and do not allow enough time for proper planning and design. Thus, the smart grid deployment is rushed, and the recommended security controls are not properly implemented. As another example, consider a smart meter vendor whose product does not meet the proposed stringent security requirements of an upcoming state bill. The