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Chapter 9. Third-Party Services > Attacking Consumers - Pg. 167

Attacking Consumers 167 from the third-party's network, then push the security patches or new firmware to the devices. Thus, the utility company would need to allow a third-party server on the utility company's network and allow the server network access, which is illu- strated in Figure 9.4. ATTACKING CONSUMERS Attacks targeting electricity consumers will become increasingly easier with the availability and further expansion of third-party services for smart grids. This should be no surprise considering the most difficult vulnerabilities to remediate are often the ones that target users. These vulnerabilities also tend to become the "acceptable risk" issues since the threat to an organization is not as obvious when discussing attacks against its users. Functionality Undermines Security Information security professionals are often accused of interfering with business operations, warning of unprotected and excessive functionality that may be abused