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Introduction > Book Overview and Key Learning Points - Pg. xxi

Introduction INFORMATION IN THIS CHAPTER · · · · Book Overview and Key Learning Points Book Audience How This Book Is Organized Conclusion BOOK OVERVIEW AND KEY LEARNING POINTS This book provides you 14 chapters of content exploring the strengths and weak- nesses of the smart grid. By examining components of the smart grid in detail, you will obtain a strong understanding of how the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these components can be both compromised and secured. Discussing both the smart grid's strengths and weaknesses will help you understand threats and attacks, and hopefully prevent insecure deployments of smart grid technologies. In this book, you will also learn controls that will allow consumers, device manufacturers, and utility companies to minimize the risk asso- ciated with the smart grid. Each chapter aims to provide you with information that can be used to not only secure current implementations, but future ones as well.