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10.4 -Open source tools > 10.4 -Open source tools - Pg. 395

10.4 Open source tools 395 Support of up to 32 virtual CPUs within a guest virtual machine Support for x86/32 with Physical Address Extension (PAE), x86/64, and IA64 platforms Intel and AMD Virtualization Technology for unmodified guest operating systems Excellent hardware support These features make Xen an option not only for personal use and testing, but also a viable solution for large farms of virtual machines. 10.4.2 VirtualBox VirtualBox is an open source project sponsored by Oracle and is available at http:// It is designed to run within another host operating system and supports Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Solaris for use as that host. The VirtualBox software provides a hypervisor layer within which the guest operating systems reside in their individual virtual containers. Like other virtualization software, VirtualBox supports the virtualization of hardware within the host physical machine including hard disks, memory, proces-